CCMH is structured to foster collaboration

California is known for its diversity of people and cultures. CCMH recognizes that to represent the spectrum of mental health needs and interests, our organization must reflect this diversity. CCMH is structured to allow broad and meaningful input from member organizations who must have an active statewide presence to be members.

Historically, CCMH was formed to lobby state policy members for increased funding for mental health, and to fight inevitable budget cuts. Representing the great diversity of interests and communities as a single voice provides our members with a visible and respected platform that has a place at the legislative table when mental health programs are under consideration.

CCMH does not duplicate the work of individual organizations, but represents the positions and goals commonly held by our members. With three central committees that meet monthly, CCMH stays current and actively involved in monitoring and fostering mental health policies. General meetings for members are held quarterly in sync with the state's legislative calendar.


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